The flagship store of Guangzhou Yuchang Tea Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, was grandly opened

Issuing time:2018-08-27 14:16

On February 9, 2015, Haiyue Group's subsidiary company, Suichang Tea Industry's flagship store in Guangzhou opened its doors in Guqiao Tea Street, Guangzhou Southern Tea Market. Professor Deng Shihai, the founder of the China Pu'er Tea Society and the author of the book “The First Person of Pu'er Tea” and “Pu'er Tea” was invited to the opening ceremony.


    Professor Deng Shihai and Chairman of Haiyue Group Mr. He Yuchang unveiled the Guangzhou flagship store in Suichang Tea


                      Professor Deng Shihai's Comment on the 2007 Folu Round Tea


          Professor Deng Shihai signed the "Fu Lu Yuan Tea" and "Hong Yun Cake Tea"

              Fulu Round Tea Series Tea is made by Professor Deng Shihai of Pu'er Tea King. It is made from the tea-green tea of Fengshan Tea District in Linyi Fengqing. It is a modern-grade Pu'er. The quality is superior, the tea is green and strong, the rhyme is deep, the water is thick, sweet, raw, musk, elegant, and the mouth is fragrant after drinking, and the aftertaste is endless.


 Fortune Tea is a Pu'er cooked tea that was promoted by Professor Deng Shihai of Pu'er Tea King. The raw materials are collected from the Fengshan tea area in Fengqing, Linyi, Yunnan Province. They are selected from the strong and different seasons of tea green. They are refined by traditional fermentation process, and the strips are full and natural.


Address: No. 3, Block A, North Block, Guqiao Tea Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou

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