The first stage
The second stage
(1997-to date)

Through the development and accumulation of the previous stage, the Group gradually upgraded and expanded to automobile manufacturing and peripheral areas, including special vehicles, automotive refinish, real estate, petrochemical, automobile maintenance, catering and so on. This is the stage of rapid development and harvest of the Group. The development of various industries and the investment in scientific and technological research and development have made the Group's strength grow rapidly and accumulated rich experience in the high-tech industry.

The third stage
(2002-to date)

While maintaining the sustainable development of various industries in the second phase, the Group entered the optical communication industry in 2002 and established Aokang Guangtong Devices (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.

Entering the optical communication industry has enabled the Group to maintain its continued progress and vitality, which has made the Group's industrial institutions more optimized and further expanded the company's development space.

Automobile trade and assembly stage,

The hard and fruitful stage of entrepreneurship lays the foundation for the growth and development of the group.

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