Guangdong Haiyue Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise integrating optical fiber communication devices, series of bulletproof escorts and special vehicles, chemical coatings, real estate development, high-end car maintenance, petrochemical, catering and other industries. It is a high-tech private enterprise in Zhongshan City. President of the Association. At present, the Group has 17 subsidiaries all over the world, including 15 domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao) and 2 US.

Mr. He Yuchang started the automobile trading and assembly company in 1991 and founded Haiyue Group in 1994. Since its establishment, the Group has won high praise from customers for its scientific and technological research and development and rich production and sales experience in various fields, as well as various quality products and excellent services. In 2001, it was awarded the “Guangdong Private Science and Technology Department” by Guangdong Science and Technology Department. Science and technology enterprises and "Zhongshan outstanding private technology enterprises" and many other honorary titles. The Group's main Agilent Guangtong Technology Co., Ltd. has reached the domestic leading level in terms of scale and technology. The subordinate Zhongshan Haiyue Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Haiyue Chemical Coating Co., Ltd. were rated as "Guangdong High-tech" in 2006. enterprise". In addition, the Group has more than 30 nationally registered patents, and a number of patents have been certified by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as “Major Science and Technology Research Achievements”.

Pioneering and forging ahead, the Group strives to create a diversified and international corporate image. The enterprising Haiyue people's enterprise development philosophy of “advanced technology as navigation, quality products as life, first-class service as the purpose”, and adhere to the “people-oriented, technology-led” management philosophy.

The Group actively participates in various public welfare activities. Charitable donations and condolences to the elderly are the long-term activities of the Group. Funding for the development of sports, aid education and investing a large amount of funds to support medical education are the concrete manifestations of the group's slogan "Success not forgetting the country, success not forgetting the society". . Haiyue people practice their own promises of “taking it from the people and using it for the people” with their own actions.

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